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2024 Marine Emblems - Leafy Seadragon, Groper, Anemone Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC - Set of 3

2024 Marine Emblems - Leafy Seadragon, Groper, Anemone Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC - Set of 3

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2024 Marine Emblems - Set of 3 Limited Edition Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC

Leafy Seadragon - The Leafy Seadragon (Phycodurus eques) was adopted as South Australia's marine emblem in 2001. Around 24 centimetres in length, this ethereal-looking fish is hard to spot, as it is camouflaged by the long, seaweed-like protrusions growing on its body. Leafy Seadragons have only been found in the temperate waters of southern Australia, from Wilson's Promontory in Victoria to Jurien Bay Marine Park in Western Australia. They prefer kelp-covered rocky reefs and seagrass meadows in depths from around three to fifty metres. The Leafy Seadragons is one of the only three seadragons endemic to Australian Waters.

Barrier Reef Anemonefish (Amphiprion akindynos) was officially named as Queensland's aquatic emblem in 2005. It lives among sea anemones in the northern region of the Great Barrier Reef to Northern New South Wales. The stinging tentacles of the host protect it from predators and , in return, the fish provides certain benefits to the anemone. This anemonefish species reaches around 12 cm in length and is distinguished by its orange colour, white tail, and two black-edged white bars, one each across the head and body.

Eastern Blue Groper - In 1998, New South Wales became the first state to proclaim a marine emblem. The vibrantly coloured Eastern Blue Groper (achoerodus viridis) is a species of wrasse. This inquisitive, friendly fish is well known to divers and grows to a metre in length. It inhabits rocky reefs, river estuaries and seagrass beds from southern Queensland to southern Victoria. Eastern Blue Gropers are hermaphrodites, beginning their lives as female and pinky-brown in colour. After becoming sexually mature, they transition to the male sex and take on their vivid blue colour.

Limited mintage of just 2,500 of each cover.

Issued as 48mm Medallion, from Zinc Alloy and housed in a beautifully designed card with a circular window revealing the medallion's reverse and obverse designs.

The medallions obverse bears the Marine Emblems Inscription.

Fixed to the envelope is an official Australia Post $4.50 stamp which is post marked First Day of Issue and the envelope includes Australia Post's Seal of Authenticity.

Postmarked 26 March 2024 Swansea NSW 2281

Denomination :        Set of 3 Covers - Medallion

Finish :                     Plated, with enamel fill and full-colour direct print

Metal :                     Zinc Alloy

Weight :                  TBA gms

Diameter :               48 mm

Mintage :                 2,500 of each cover

Australia Post Seal of Authenticity

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