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The Royal Australian Mint

2024 $1 Year of the Dragon Al/Br Uncirculated Two Coin Set

2024 $1 Year of the Dragon Al/Br Uncirculated Two Coin Set

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2024 $1 Lunar Year of the Dragon - Al/Br Uncirculated Two Coin Set.

To celebrate the Lunar Year of the Dragon, the Royal Australian Mint has released this 2024 $1 Uncirculated Two-Coin Set featuring the confident and noble Dragon and the Lunar Calender wheel. The set is designed to appeal to collectors or those seeking an auspicious and traditional gift for Lunar New Year.

The Dragon is the fifth of the twelve signs in the Chinese Zodiac. According to  legend, the Jade Emperor announced a Great Race to establish the order of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

At the end of the race the animals had to cross a fast-flowing river to take place in the Zodiac.

Everyone thought that the Dragon would come first as it could fly, but it stopped to help some villages along the way. It also felt sorry for the Rabbit and decided to help it ashore first, allowing the Rabbit to take fourth place.

People born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be natural born leaders, Famous Dragons include US Statesman Martin Luther King Jr, musicians John Lennon and Rihanna, actors Kurt Douglas and Keanu Reeves and the Australian artist Ken Done and cricketer Brett Lee.

This set features two coins.

The first coin features the noble and intelligent Dragon surrounded by auspicious clouds.

The second coin's reverse features the lunar calendar wheel, rotated so that this year the Dragon takes pride of place.

Each coin is packaged in a red and gold presentation card.

The coin's obverse feature the 2024 Memorial Obverse of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sculpted by Jody Clark, and her reign dates.

Each coin is issued as Australian legal tender.

Denomination :        2 x $1 Coins

Quality :                  Uncirculated

Metal :                    Aluminium Bronze

Weight :                  9.00 gms

Diameter :              25.00 mm

Mintage :                30,000

Certificate of Authenticity : Royal Australian Mint Official Packaging.


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