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The Royal Australian Mint

2023 $2 50th Anniversary of the End of Australia's Involvement Vietnam War C Mintmark Silver Proof Coloured Coin

2023 $2 50th Anniversary of the End of Australia's Involvement Vietnam War C Mintmark Silver Proof Coloured Coin

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2023 $2 50th Anniversary of the End of Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War C Mintmark Silver Coloured Proof Coin

The Vietnam War was Australia's longest of the twentieth century.

Over a decade the commitment grew from a military training team to a battalion and then a task force. Each of the Army, Navy and Air Force were involved.

The Army playing the biggest role, basing its operations largely in South Vietnam's Phuoc Tuy Province. 

Some 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam, 521 lost their lives and many more were wounded before the last Australian troops came home in December 1973.Vietnam had known war for several decades before Australia's involvement. Centuries of French colonial rule ended with a Japanese invasion and occupation during 1940-1945. A French attempt to resume control resulted in a war for independence which ended with Vietnam dividing into communist North and a nominally democratic South.A communist insurgency and political turmoil in the South drew in the United States' and South Vietnam's regional ally, Australia in 1962.The United States and her allies withdrew from Vietnam in 1973. South Vietnam surrendered to the North in 1975.Australia's first troops arrived in South Vietnam in 1962.

For the next decade, Australian soldiers, sailors and airmen served in a war against North Vietnamese-backed communist guerillas and the North Vietnamese Army. Most fought in Phuoc Tuy Province, site of the Australian Task Force and Logistics bases and scene of many encounters with enemy forces, from larger battles like Long Tan, Coral/Balmoral, Baria, Binh Ba and Nui Le, to patrol scale actions and smaller skirmishes.

The coin's reverse pays homage to the contribution of Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War and features the C Mintmark.

The coin's obverse features the effigy Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse sculpted by Jody Clark. Presented in an official Royal Australian packaging.

Struck to the Royal Australian Mints proof quality.

Issued as Australian legal tender.

Denomination :       $2

Quality :                 Proof

Metal :                   99.9% Pure Silver

Weight :                 8.55 gms

Diameter :              20.50 mm

Mintage :                5,000

Certificate of Authenticity : Royal Australian Official Certificate of Authenticity

NOTE : Whilst these coin have come directly from the Mint, there may be issues with the colour application for this type.

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