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2017 Shipwrecks Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC

2017 Shipwrecks Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC

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2017 Shipwrecks Medallion & Stamp Cover PNC

In June 1712, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship Zuytdorp was wrecked on a notoriously treacherous part of the Western Australian coast, south of Shark Bay, now known as Zuytdorp Cliffs.

As well as various trade goods, the ship was carrying a highly valuable load of silver coins valued at around 250,000 Dutch guilders.

Zuytdorp was yet another Dutch VOC ship traveling to the Indies and trading in rare and exotic spices.

In 1927, objects sighted on a remote mid-west-coast cliff top led to the discovery of coins and wreck material on the beach below.

In 1954, research showed that the coins, all dated 1711, were from the Zuytdorp. The wreck was finally located in 1964. Subsequent excavations revealed a large number of coins strewn across the sea floor like a 'carpet of silver', as the area is now know.

The card includes a circular window revealing the obverse and reverse of the medallion.

Affixed to the envelope is an official Australia Post $1.00 stamp, postmarked First Day of Issue along with Australia Post's Seal of Authenticity.

Postmarked First Day of Issue 20 August 2017 - Port Albert VIC 3971

Denomination :         Medallion

Quality :                   Antique Silver

Metal :                     Zinc Alloy

Weight :                   20 gms

Diameter :                37 mm

Mintage :                  3,500

Certificate of Authenticity : Australia Post Seal of Authenticity

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