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The Royal Australian Mint

2014 $1 Bright Bugs Series - Blowfly Unc Coin in Card

2014 $1 Bright Bugs Series - Blowfly Unc Coin in Card

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2014 $1 Bright Bugs Series – Blowfly Uncirculated Coin in Card

Long has the Blowfly (Calliphoridae) been the scourge of many Australian backyard barbeque but, when observed up close this misunderstood creature can be seen as a marvel of design and colour.The Blowfly’s prize feature is a shiny metallic coloured exoskeleton which gives off a blue, green and black sheen whilst flying.

The coins feature traditional coin sculpture as well as colour printing, and are presented in a coin-in-card format.

Reverse Designed By : Bronwyn King

Denomination :       $1

Quality :                 Uncirculated

Metal :                   Aluminium / Zinc / Bronze

Weight :                 9.00 grams

Diameter :              25.00 mm

Mintage :                Unlimited

Certificate of Authenticity : Royal Australian Mint Seal of Authenticity

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